About Us

“Eagles Response” came about through a dream from God three years ago. This vision was to have an inter-faith and spiritual organization that would integrate the best aspects of Chaplaincy with Mental Health to address First Responder issues that often fall through the cracks or may need additional expertise to help fellow peers and chaplains navigate today’s fallen world. Ultimately ER plans to have a “Life Center” that provides space for face-to-face and group counseling ( as well as ZOOM) in addition to classroom space that can used at no charge to a variety of training organizations that share ERs vision.

Four Pillars

Eagles Response is built on four pillars to holistically address many life conflicts. Here are some of the current and future goals for increasing programming:


Many First Responders and Veterans, including families, do not seek nor receive necessary mental health counseling for their variety of issues due to their insurance not being taken or their inability to pay. Eagles Response will never deny service based on ability to pay. ER is primarily donor-supported yet will bill insurance when available to offset costs. Future plans, besides PTSD, Anxiety, and Depression include group counseling, 12 step programs for substance abuse and addiction, and the latest in pre-marital counseling technology.


Spirituality is an often-forgotten cornerstone of mental health and wellness. ER provides chaplains who are affiliated with a variety of faith organizations as well as the military that can help those suffering with issues such as grief, moral injury, and crisis of faith. Research has shown that strong spirituality and faith have significant impact in dealing with and surviving life issues. Recent studies by the VA are demonstrating the importance of spirituality in recovery.

Crisis Response

Critical Incident Stress Management, Peer Support, Suicide Prevention and Response, Psychological First Aid and other mechanisms are beneficial to helping responders ( as well as teachers and clergy )avoid or minimize the effects of trauma such as disasters, mass shootings, Line of Duty Death (LODD), suicide and unexpected life crisis. ER provides accredited training to deal with devastating and life-changing events.

Life Management

Issues of Post Traumatic and other forms of stress, substance abuse, depression and other mental wellness events are often initiated or exacerbated by issues of everyday life. ER will provide classes in financial management, Divorce Care, Grief Care, Marital and Family Issues, Parenting, Anger Management, Resiliency and many other programs as needs are identified.

Our Staff

The staff of Eagles Response are required to have a faith belief, as well as having previous experience as a Police Officer, Fire Rescue, Telecommunication, or Corrections member. Mental Wellness Counselors have to demonstrate expertise with professional standards requirements, significant subject matter expertise ( includes spouses) or Chaplaincy endorsement. Almost all members are volunteers and any funds received go into purchasing materials, promotion, or location costs.

Our Team

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Rev. Robbie Morrow


Dawn Witherspoon

Intern / Counselor
Eagles Response is an inter-faith, non-profit organization dedicated to providing Chaplaincy, Counseling and Wellness services for First Responders, Veterans, Military and families

If you or a family member are considering suicide or other ways of harm please call or text the National Suicide and Crisis Hotline at 988 or if in Florida call 211 for your county

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